Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Weekly Update

Last week:
- Got the GNOME svn account.
- Checked out and built Ephy from trunk.
- Created a project wiki and this blog.
- Proposed a simple database schema for the Ephy bookmark+history store. The schema is heavily inspired by the Places bookmarking system used in Firefox.
- Proposed development of an initial prototype of the SQLite backend using the mozStorage system. Ephy already embeds Mozilla and mozStorage comes for free with it. Places is also available in the Mozilla runtime but Ephy's bookmarking system has a different design so re-using Places might not be a good idea.
- Checked out and built XULRunner from trunk with mozStorage (and Places) enabled.

Planned this week:
- Figure out the prototype design e.g. how to exercise/drive queries.
- Develop the prototype.
- Refine the schema for efficiency based on "use cases" - both of the users and of Ephy's other components that depend on history/bookmarks.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Hello, World!

This blog will provide updates about the Google Summer of Code 2007 project for the GNOME Epiphany browser. Occasionally, it will also provide uninformed opinion, incoherent ramblings and foolish rants.