Monday, June 11, 2007

Weekly Update

Last week:
- Started implementing the prototype for Ephy History based on the current ephy-history API
- Implemented the nsIGlobalHistory2 interface for the prototype
- Identified couple of milestones for the project with Xan:
1. 11th June - 25th June: Finish the SQLite3 backend prototype for history, bookmark and favicon services.
2. 26th June - 9th July: Test the prototype for correctness and performance, fine-tune the design. Rinse. Repeat. Merge the prototype with Epiphany (create a separate svn branch)
3. 9th July: Checkin the code for SoC mid-term evaluation.

Planned this week:
- Complete the ephy-history prototype
- Write Python GObject wrappers for ephy-history

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Weekly Update

Last week:
- Decided to implement the prototype using the SQLite C API instead of using mozStorage. There are two reasons for this: the Sqlite C API is better documented and I code much faster in C. Once the initial prototype is ready and refined, it should be easy to write a mozStorage backend.
- Studied the current ephy-history.[ch] API and its usage within the Ephy codebase.
- Started implementing the prototype for "history" as a GObject style library. Currently, it can create a database connection, create the schema (tables) and run simple queries. The plan is to create Python bindings for the library once it is completed. We can then test the prototype using Python code.
- Studied the SQLite3 and GObject/Glib APIs.

Planned next week:
- More prototype hacking.
- Update the library API and the DB schema based on feedback.