Monday, June 11, 2007

Weekly Update

Last week:
- Started implementing the prototype for Ephy History based on the current ephy-history API
- Implemented the nsIGlobalHistory2 interface for the prototype
- Identified couple of milestones for the project with Xan:
1. 11th June - 25th June: Finish the SQLite3 backend prototype for history, bookmark and favicon services.
2. 26th June - 9th July: Test the prototype for correctness and performance, fine-tune the design. Rinse. Repeat. Merge the prototype with Epiphany (create a separate svn branch)
3. 9th July: Checkin the code for SoC mid-term evaluation.

Planned this week:
- Complete the ephy-history prototype
- Write Python GObject wrappers for ephy-history

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