Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Weekly Update

Last week:
- Finished implementing the history auto-completion model on top of the sqlite3 backend.
- Started writing a simple prototype to test the auto-completion model (thanks tko for the code!)
- Created Python bindings for the backend API.
- As a test case for the bindings, wrote a Python script to import existing history.xml file into the sqlite3 backend.
- Discussed project deadlines with Xan: the goal is to get auto-completion working by the 10th of this month and have the new history backend merged into the SoC Epiphany branch by the end of month. Bookmarks will have to wait.
- Made couple of minor patches to ephy.

Planned this week:
- Test the auto-completion prototype with simulated history item added/removed/changed signals.
- Integrate it with ephy.
- Onward to ephy-history-window!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Building Epiphany with the WebKit backend

I recently built Epiphany with the experimental WebKit backend as per Xan's instructions here. These are few notes that might be helpful to others:
- Once you get the patch, apply it with this command in the Ephy source directory:
patch -p1 < ephy-webkit.patch
- Make sure you have the pre-requisite packages before you build WebKit. This page is a good reference on building WebKit with Gdk. Refer to this page for common build errors.
- Test your WebKit build by running the simple test browser: WebKit/WebKitBuild/Debug/WebKitTools/GdkLauncher/GdkLauncher
- To build Epiphany from svn, you will need GLib-2 2.13.4 or higher and GTK+-2 2.11.6 or higher. You can get them using JHBuild:
jhbuild buildone glib gtk+

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Weekly Update

Last Week:
- Started working on integrating history with the SQLite3 backend
- Moved the auto-completion model to the new backend

Planned this Week:
- Move the history-window/ephy-tab/etc. stuff to the new backend
- Test the integrated build

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Weekly Update

Last week:
- Implemented the GObject-based EphyHistoryNode classes for storing query results.
- Implemented the ephy-history API under the SQLite prototype.

Planned this week:
- Swap out the current ephy-history implementation with the SQLite prototype in Epiphany
- Discuss use cases with Reinouts and Xan for UI and API design

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Weekly Update

Last Week:
- Severely distracted, not very productive.
- Based on the History UI use cases and design, designed the Data Types (and queries) for storing the results from the backend API.
- Started implementing the GObject hierarchy for the backend data-types (EphyHistoryNode->EphyHistoryPageNode, ...)
- Fore more info and lots of updates, see the project wiki page

Planned this week:
- Finish implementing the ephy-history API for the prototype
- Start merging the code into Ephy so that we can have a History window (and auto-completion) working with a SQLite backend!
- SoC mid-term review!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Weekly Update

Last week:
- Travelled for school work
- Implemented most of the ephy-history API in the prototype
- Redefined the next project deliverable with Xan: the goal is now to merge the history prototype with Ephy and get it working under Ephy.

This week:
- Finish off the ephy-history prototype and test it.
- Merge the prototype with Epiphany (in a separate git/svn branch of Ephy)

Monday, June 11, 2007

Weekly Update

Last week:
- Started implementing the prototype for Ephy History based on the current ephy-history API
- Implemented the nsIGlobalHistory2 interface for the prototype
- Identified couple of milestones for the project with Xan:
1. 11th June - 25th June: Finish the SQLite3 backend prototype for history, bookmark and favicon services.
2. 26th June - 9th July: Test the prototype for correctness and performance, fine-tune the design. Rinse. Repeat. Merge the prototype with Epiphany (create a separate svn branch)
3. 9th July: Checkin the code for SoC mid-term evaluation.

Planned this week:
- Complete the ephy-history prototype
- Write Python GObject wrappers for ephy-history