Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Weekly Update

Last week:
- Finished implementing the history auto-completion model on top of the sqlite3 backend.
- Started writing a simple prototype to test the auto-completion model (thanks tko for the code!)
- Created Python bindings for the backend API.
- As a test case for the bindings, wrote a Python script to import existing history.xml file into the sqlite3 backend.
- Discussed project deadlines with Xan: the goal is to get auto-completion working by the 10th of this month and have the new history backend merged into the SoC Epiphany branch by the end of month. Bookmarks will have to wait.
- Made couple of minor patches to ephy.

Planned this week:
- Test the auto-completion prototype with simulated history item added/removed/changed signals.
- Integrate it with ephy.
- Onward to ephy-history-window!

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